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Thank you to the following people for giving permission to use their photos and stories...

Anna C.

Result: Lost 13kg | 50cm

At the beginning of June 2019 I started the program at Health Weight Loss Fast with Toni Swan as my mentor. After completing one full round I lost 7.5 kilos, so I decided to do another round, I’m now halfway through and down a further 5.5 kilos ! So far I’ve lost 13 kilos and over 50cms off my body! Toni’s personal experience and care for me was so important to my success. She was there to support me daily answering every question I had, encouraging me daily through my check ins with her. I would recommend the program at Health Weight Loss Fast to anyone who needs to improve their overall gut health and with any weight issues they may have.



Maree S.

Result: Lost 18kg

I started with Health Weight Loss Fast on the 5 June 2019. I knew the program worked as I had spent the past few months watching my mentor Toni Swan and my girlfriend also succeeding. I wanted to loose weight and I was also dealing with stomach and acidic issues. I knew I was ready to want to really change my habits and give myself a go. Toni Swan has been priceless, absolutely amazing, she responds to my daily contact, encouragement and support, she is there every step of the way. I have lost 18 kilograms to date, my gut health is better than ever and my happier positive outlook on myself is incredible. The program has taught me how to eat healthier, lose weight and then how to fit it all in to my busy work and social life whilst still maintaining.

Before | After


Penny S.

Result: Lost 14kg

Toni Swan is a inspirational and motivated individual who I was extremely lucky to have as a mentor during my weight loss experience. Her personalisation dedication and passion for her job enables you to have complete success and she is responsive and helps with anything I asked her. Watching her 41.5kg loss and her improved health gives you complete belief in this wonderful woman and this wonderful program. I completed 2 rounds and lost 14 kilos. I have renewed energy and confidence and a much healthier outlook on life for myself and my family.

Before | After

Stuart N.

Result: Lost 16.4 kg, 54 cm in 2 months

Loves being able to bend over and do his shoe laces up, normal blood pressure and pulse... no more struggle to walk up stairs. Shirts are all long enough 🤭😃before weight loss he found it difficult to find a shirt that was long enough to tuck in, this is no longer a problem.



Karen N.

Result: Lost 13.1 kg, 57 cm in 2 months

Buying size 14 jeans and fitting comfortably...after being 18/20 and having to wear loose top. Now tucking shirt into jeans looks great! Down side of weight loss is My shoes, wedding rings are now loose...both a struggle to keep them from falling off! 😁🤪 No more back pain, no more breathlessness. Compliments and feeling great.


Stuart & Karen Before


Dr. Anthony B. MBSS

Result: Lost 18.5kg in 60 days, size 36 to size 30 jeans

Usually the skeptic about dietary fads I decided to take a leap of faith and trust in Toni when she told me this approach was going to work.

[email protected] is more a mindset than a diet and although it can at times seem austere, especially in the beginning, surprisingly I didn't feel hungry just like she said I wouldn't.

She was there every day to check in, offer advice, reinforce the meal plan and respond when carb or alcohol induced temptation loomed large.

Not only have I lost a lot of weight I feel better in myself, have almost eliminated alcohol, caffeine and added sugar and now appreciate those things in true and healthy moderation.

Better still I haven't felt as healthy in myself for such a long time and can say no to all the foods that inspired weakness in me before the program.

I have to say that the balance and holistic inclusion of the program with its natural supplements has smoothed out my whole approach to food and my relationship with it.

Toni has lead by example and that gave me the confidence to trust in her and the program. And it's worked and will continue go work because for me it has hit the healthy eating reset button.

Before  |  After